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Hi! I'm Tess.

A yoga practice has been a part of my life for 10 years. During one of those years I traveled to Costa Rica and got certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours, with Soma Yoga Institute. My training was therapeutic and alignment based, which I teach to allow for greater ease during and after practice. I have experience with chronic pain in my low back and anxiety, hello human experience, and yoga is my way to heal the connection between the mind, body, and breath energy, and to find presence in this world.  When teaching I help my students find their breath and balance while honoring their individual body in a safe space.

Like many western yogis I was introduced to yoga through a vinyasa asana practice (faster movements through various postures).  As a competitive and athletic person, my desire to be "better" was feeding my ego, even while learning the importance of releasing it.  Pushing myself in classes and throwing myself into postures without the proper alignment for my body only led to more pain. I wasn't listening to my body. Then one day I went to a different studio with a greater emphasis on pranayama (breath work), meditation and philosophy. After practice I received an incredible yoga high, a connection to my bliss body, and I wanted to access that again. Now I understand that the experience of all yoga is what makes each part of yoga make sense. The branches of yoga create a balance, all working together towards the common goal of being. Now I incorporate more yin, pranayama, and meditation to balance and ground my natural tendencies. 

Ayurveda is also an interest and developing

practice of mine. I am drawn to nature and our connection to it and try to incorporate that in my daily life in multiple ways.

I am currently pregnant and getting certified in prenatal yoga!

I love traveling, hiking, reading, dining out, creating, and exploring. I recently moved with my little family to the Berkshires, MA.

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